BMS controllers has capability to control and monitor all
mechanical and electrical systems, including
cooling/heating system, pumps, tanks, lifts, lighting
controls .The mechanical and electri-cal systems shall be
monitored and controlled by Android devices which
connected to the Wi-Fi (Local Area Network /WWW), get
alerts by means of email, text message (SMS), voice call
and more.

Scope of Application
1) This system provides a single solution for life safety,
automation, and energy management for all types of
buildings and Industrial units.

2) This system is designed based on the safety, security,
utility, alarm and other criteria like entertainment, public
places etc,.

3) Wireless / Ehternet Support.

4) You can access and control your building worldwide
by using your laptop or handheld device through IT
address or Domain address. 

5) Cost-effective design.

* Higher end controller and technology
* Biometric security
* Wi-Fi Accessibility
* Android phone interface
* Web page interface
* Advanced Video Monitoring
* All ararms trigger corrective action
* Energy Optimization and trending
* Set Point adjustment
Integration with security systems

* Smoke and Fire Sensor
* Fire Alarms
* Surveillance Camera
* Video Management for Camera
* SMS & eMail alerts facility
* Biometric Access Control
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Integration with Safety Systems

- Smoke and Fire Sensor
- Fire Alarms
- Surveillance Camera
- Video Management for Surveillance Camera
- SMS and eMail alert facility
- Biometric Access Control
- Door Access Control
- Air Conditioner
- Lighting control
- Wake-up call
- Water level controller (Tank & Sump)
- Heater Management
- Sewage Level Indicator
- Garden pump & Sprinkler System Management
- Letter Box & Milk Box Indicator
and so on.
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* Domestic Building Management System (DBMS)
* DBMS - Enhancement
* Commercial Building Management System (CBMS)
* CBMS - Enhancement
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