Saryam Hydraulic power pack unit is specially
designed for the Partial Squeeze casting
application in Die casting Machines to make
defect free casting products with excellent
Mechanical properties. Squeeze process is
mostly  involved where the wall thickness of the
casting components is more especially in
Automobile Industries. Those dies will have
squeeze pins which are operated by the Power
pack with Max. Press. of 150 Kg/Sq.cm. Usually
the Squeeze pins move forward after a set time
following completion of Die filling. In doing so it
will push the metal into the area where
shrinkage and air bubbles must be eliminated.
For achieving the effective squeezing, one
should select right power pack unit with
Interface facilities.
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Saryam Power pack fulfils all these requirements by its
special design and its interface features with Die
casting Machines. This power pack units equipped
with two vane pumps are driven by a  reputed Electric
drive. Both the pumps are high pressure with
different flow rate so that we can select pumps flow
according to application. In addition to this, it has all
the safety interlock like Oil level, oil temperature and
abnormal pressure, etc....

By its unique interfacing features, power pack and Die
casting Machines can co-ordinate with each other to
make good and precise casting components with
effective squeezing.
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