Key Management System is a security control used in
industries, buildings, private houses and high-secured
areas. It virtually controls non-entry or intrusion of
others into system. It can be used in individual houses
and community buildings as well.

Scope of Application
1) This system provides a better solution to access
control, safeguarding against lost keys.

2) ID Card provides secure access to lock boxes
strategically located throughout the building, so you
know exactly who has what key at what time.

3) This system provides more flexible, scalable and
reliable security solution.

* Higher end controller and technology
* Biometric security
* Ethernet / Wi-Fi Accessibility
* Touch Pad [iPad / iPhone] interface
* Migration: Easy to update this system to the existing
Building Management System
Key-Watcher sounds alarm when:

- A user tries to gain access to or dislodge a key
with force
- An invalid user code is entered three times
consecutively (systems go into an automatic alert
mode and lock down for four minutes)
- The door is left open for more than 10 seconds
after use
- A key is missing or not returned on time
- There is a power failure
- A key is returned by the wrong user
- A user forces the cabinet doors open
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