About Jenoptik

As an integrated optoelectronics group, Jenoptik
divides its activities into five divisions: Lasers &
Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial
Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil

Its customers around the world mainly include
companies in the semiconductor and
semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry,
automotive and automotive supplier industry,
medical technology, security and defense
technology as well as the aviation industry.

The Jenoptik Group headquarters are in Jena
(Thuringia). In addition to several major sites in
Germany Jenoptik is represented in nearly 70
countries and has major production sites abroad
in the USA, France and Switzerland as well as
shareholdings in India, China, Korea and Japan.

Jenoptik has approx. 3.000 employees and in 2010
generated sales of 510 million euros. The Group
was created in 1991 out of JENOPTIK Carl Zeiss
Jena GmbH.
- Installing, commissioning, and supporting
products of UBE, Jenoptik, and Saryam at client
locations across India. Providing customized
solutions for different die casting components
and laser technologies as per client's
Laser machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN® W

JENOPTIK meets the demand for compact laser
systems for various welding tasks in the
automotive industry with the JENOPTIK-VOTAN®
W family. Through quasi-simultaneous laser
welding of plastic materials, this system enables
minimum cycle times and top results such as the
absence of marks and high strength. Moreover,
metallic components can be laser-welded using
this machine as well with minimum deformation
and thermal influence.

Laser welding of plastic materials and metals up
to 3D using 6-axis robots or simultaneous
welding using directly radiating diode lasers is
possible with the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® W on an
industrial level on an area as small as one square
meter. With this system and tailor-made
technology development, Jenoptik is capable of
constructing a customized machine, tailored to
the customer’s needs.
- Laser welding of plastic housings (medical
equipment and electronics)
- Laser welding of shot channels in vehicle
- Laser welding for parking sensors in bumpers
- Laser welding of metal housings (exhaust gas
recirculation coolers)
- Laser welding of cast aluminum
- Laser welding of metals with minimum
Scope of Application
Thin and top-quality seams
Easy to operate
Maximum precision with high welding speeds and short
cycle times
Process security through tailor-made technology
Broad area of application through scalable laser power
Broad component spectrum through precise robot
Low operating costs through selection of energy-
efficient systems
Low investment costs with high utilization rate due to
system structure
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