Saryam manufactures Spray cassette which is being used
in the Automatic  Spray unit in  Die casting Machines to
provide good lubricant on die surface as well as reducing
the Die temperature. Saryam fabricates variety of Spray
cassettes according to components profile and Machine

Scope of Application
Basically these cassettes are made with flexible copper
pipes through which lubricant are sprayed on the Die
surface with High air pressure so that proper atomization
takes place among the lubrication molecules. When Die
surface gets proper lubrication with help of effective
atomization, there won't be any metal sticking / catching
between Die and components and would improve the
quality of casting product with smooth surface.

The copper tube in the spray cassettes are divided 
into three sections. The middle section  is purely
dedicated for Air blow purpose while remaining two for
Spraying liquid on both  Moving and fixed platen in Die
casting Machines. Since the copper pipes are very
flexible, it is possible to manoeuver  them easily to any 
desired position.

Saryam spray cassettes  are made of Aluminium base and
copper tubes therefore handling is very easy.   Bracing
takes care of  high mechanical strength between
Copper pipe and its fittings so that no room for leakage
and crack.  It is  simple construction, copper pipes 
can be replaced without depending on suppliers.
Specification and more Information

- Saryam Manufactures Spray cassette up to 850
Ton  capacity machines.
- Saryam provides spray cassette for temperature
control in various Die casting machines.
- Number of air blow nozzles are 10 pcs and 20
pces with Fixed Platen side of 10 pcs, 26 pcs and
31 pcs. The Moving Platen sides are 10 Pcs, 26 pcs
and 31 pcs.
- Length of copper pipe are 500mm, 700 mm and
850 mm with a copper pipe size of 1/4 inches.
- Air Pressure - 0.4~ 0.6 Mpa.
o Copper Pipe 375-30 and 60 Pipes
o Copper Pipe 530
o Copper Pipe 670
o Copper Pipe 850
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