Saryam Engineering has been appointed as the Country Distributor to market and service 'Tubo' range of products in India. 'Tubo' products belongs to Aertecnica.

Aertecnica is a company which “thinks clean”, and works for people's well-being, looking optimistically towards a healthier future.

Aertecnica is currently represented in more than 35 countries throughout the world, and grows every year through its network of exclusive distributors.

The design and manufacture of evolved vacuum systems able to eliminate dust and guarantee proper air exchange began in 1985.

TUBŇ  - a great way to get fresh air - TUBŇ is a central vacuum system. Comprising a floor-mounted hose, wall sockets and a central power unit located in a separate service space which vacuumed dust is piped into; bacteria and micro dust, that are the main cause of allergies and respiratory apparatus diseases, are not recirculated in the air.

TUBŇ, vacuum by nature

Eliminates carrying the vacuum unit to the cleaning area

Cleaning with light-weight flexible hose (7 m/9 m length) plugged into the wall sockets fixed in all rooms. 

Cleaning in all corners with ease.

High level of Cleanliness.

Total Elimination of Bacteria, Dust & its allergens - the major cause of Allergy and Respiratory problems.

Maximum silence

Complete prevention of Dust Re-Circulation in the Cleaning Area
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Core ideology of Saryam is to deliver impeccable
engineering services to the clients with parallel research on
technological innovations. Our special area of focus is on
high-end engineering solutions with automation. We
develop, produce and market 'eco-friendly' products.
Customer is everything in our business and the values we
set for the clients have brought us success.
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