What Is Mirror X ?

  • A Mirror X is also known as a Smart Mirror / Magic Mirror, which displays the time, weather, calender , news, and social media updates.

    It's possible to even add voice commands using Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home Assistant. With voice commands you can ask your mirror questions, set reminders, or control other smart devices in your home.

    With Mirror X you get seven widgets at a time, all of which can be customized so you can display anything you wish from the weather, shopping lists, to the front door camera. You can do this with Saryam's SPADE app. We've made our app user-friendly beyond imagination. Thanks to Saryam's cloud platform, your Mirror X is even accessible from anywhere around the world.

How it works ?

  • The Mirror X is a two-way mirror. It contains a display which is used to display any information or modules on your Mirror X. The display can be the same size as the mirror, or it can be smaller than the mirror. The Mirror X is powered by a microcontroller to process the data to be displayed on the Mirror. A LED lighting panel on top portion of the mirror adds illumination. Two touch buttons are provided on the mirror for switching on the LED and the display.

What a Mirror X can display?

  • Current day, date and time
  • Current weather and forecast for the week
  • News feed headlines
  • Upcoming holidays
  • IP camera widget
  • Saryam products widget

Mirror X

Mirror X

  • Personalized
  • Convenient
  • Versatile

Smart Mirror