Material Transfer System by Vacuum

Material Transfer System by Vacuum

MTS is a system used for the transfer of materials in the form of granules, powder etc. from one location to another within a process industry such as food processing industry, textile industry, through vacuum suction power, instead of a conveyor or manual handling of materials for transfer.
It consists of a vacuum turbine, a Silo and micro-controller based control system including a display and cloud monitoring.

Micro-controller based control system for precise and safe transfer of materials.
Available in various capacities suitable for any volume of material to be transferred.
Reduction in the process time.
Complete elimination of manual labour.

Media that can be transferred

Food & pharma industry:

  • Soya Flour.
  • Starch.
  • Dextrose.
  • Cereals like dhal.
  • Rice.
  • Corn seed / flour.
  • Sesame seed.
  • Dry chilly / chilly powder.

Textile industry:

  • Salt used for fabric dying.
  • Soda used for fabric dying.

Industrial application:

  • PVC resin.
  • Additives for PVC resin.
  • plastic granueles.
  • husk and saw dust.