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S-Vac Patronus 4U

S-Vac Patronus Multi-user

S-Vac Patronus Series - Commercial Solutuion

S-Vac Patronus series is a highly powerful vacuum cleaning system which operates using three phase power. The exciting feature of this unit is it's Multi User ability ie. As many as 14 users can operate this system simultaneously. Patronus is recommended for Surface Area above 8000 Sq. Ft. It is most suited for Multi storeyed commercial complex, large hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

Recommended surface area - 8000 Sq. Ft - No max. limit
Multiple simultaneous users
Turbine - Highly professional and elevated performance
Soft Start
  • Advanced Self-cleaning Filter system
  • Washable Filter Cartridge
  • Monitoring through SPADE App
  • "Quick Scroll" Dust container with wheels
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Anti-vibration base
  • Stainless steel Body