Power Cleaner

Power Cleaner

Our new generation Electric toilet cleaner takes just 5 minutes to clean your toilet perfectly, with absolutely no efforts.
The Electric power toilet cleaner carries a conical brush which is rotated by a motor powered by a lithium. Switch ON the Power cleaner, just hold and gently move the telescopic rod.

Key Features

360° high quality crimped bristles.
Replaceable brush
Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
Environment friendly Lithium battery
Full charge of Battery in 2 hours
Highly durable with premier finish

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and efficient since motor operated.
  • Elegant look; Beautiful modelling.
  • Perfectly scrubs all the stains.
  • Every nook and corner easily reached.
  • Constant speed; no effort required.
  • Time saving.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Safe and easy to handle.
  • Convenient to store by fixing on the wall.