A Centralized Vacuum Cleaner is a cleaning appliance
installed into a building (home or Commercial) as a semi-
permanent model. Installing centralized vacuum system
does not just mean an excellent functional cleaning
solution, it means investing in health, above all. Breathing
micro dust all the time, though not toxic, is something
we often do not realize we are doing; long term it can
disturb our breathing tracts, cause allergies, thus
worsening our health and general well-being. A
centralized vacuum system, unlike a traditional vacuum
cleaner, eliminates micro dust recirculation completely,
reducing dust allergies present in the air.

Saryam - Tubo
Saryam Engineering is the authorized National Partner in
India for sales and services. TUBÒ is a central vacuum
system. Comprising a floor-mounted hose, wall sockets
and a central power unit located in a separate
service space which vacuumed dust is piped into;
bacteria and micro dust, that are the main cause of
allergies and respiratory apparatus diseases, are not
recirculated in the air.
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TUB is a Centralized Vacuum System
comprising of a floor mounted hose, wall
sockets, network of PVC pipes and a central
power unit located in a separate service room,
where the vacuumed dust is piped into. The
Central Vacuum system can be installed in the
buildings under construction / existing
Effortless Cleaning
Eliminates carrying the vacuum unit to the cleaning
Cleaning with light-weight flexible hose (7 m/9 m
length) plugged into the wall sockets fixed in all rooms.
Cleaning in all corners with ease.

Much Greater Vacuuming Power Resulting In
High level of Cleanliness.
Total Elimination of Bacteria, Dust & its allergens -
the major cause of Al-lergy and Respiratory problems.

Central Vacuum unit located in separate service
space away from the cleaning area and a separate
Air Exhaust System which ensures
Maximum silence
Complete prevention of Dust Re-Circulation in the
Cleaning Area
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