About Jenoptik

As an integrated optoelectronics group, Jenoptik
divides its activities into five divisions: Lasers &
Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial
Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil

Its customers around the world mainly include
companies in the semiconductor and
semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry,
automotive and automotive supplier industry,
medical technology, security and defense
technology as well as the aviation industry.

The Jenoptik Group headquarters are in Jena
(Thuringia). In addition to several major sites in
Germany Jenoptik is represented in nearly 70
countries and has major production sites abroad
in the USA, France and Switzerland as well as
shareholdings in India, China, Korea and Japan.

Jenoptik has approx. 3.000 employees and in 2010
generated sales of 510 million euros. The Group
was created in 1991 out of JENOPTIK Carl Zeiss
Jena GmbH.
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Laser Scoring Machine - Field for Use
Airbag laser scoring with the VOTAN A Classic

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ A Classic is a unique plant
system for the controlled and safe incorporation of
invisible predefined weakening points in instrument
panels made of different materials. The series system
for automotive and component supplying industries
enables the production of aesthetically high-quality
airbag solutions on the one hand and safe production
thanks to process monitoring and control options on the
other. The plant series JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ A perforates
plastic parts - TPO, PU, TPU or PVC - as well as textile
or leather parts, even if backed with soft foam systems.
Airbag laser scoring with the VOTAN A Compact
The JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ A Compact belongs to the laser
perforation system family JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ A (Airbag). It
is the space-saving, flexible “little sister”. This system also
creates integrated, invisible predefined weakening points
for airbags in passenger car instrument panels and other
interior parts by means of a laser. Thanks to the compact
container design, it can easily be moved to a different
location without having to disassemble any key
components. In addition to the low investment costs, the
system distinguishes itself by optimized delivery, transport
and commissioning times.
In Automotive dashboards for passenger and
knee airbags
Airbag covers in door trims and passenger
Interior trim parts with integrated side and
thorax airbag


* Aesthetic airbag solution - no separate airbag
lid needed
* Exact definition of the residual wall thickness
* Multilayer composites can be processed in a
single working step
* Automatic compensation for differences in
consistency and material thickness of the
material by unique sensing technology
* Free selection of your 2D or 3D cutting
* More convenient design opportunities, with,
e.g, saving of tools and skipping of operations
* Tool-change by the touch of a button (30 sec)
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New design possibilities
Lowering of investment costs
Optimized delivery, transport and
commissioning times
Compact design, container solution - space-
saving and flexible
Contactless and wear-free machining process
for predefined airbag weakening points
- Installing, commissioning, and supporting
products of UBE, Jenoptik, and Saryam at client
locations across India.

- Providing customized solutions for different
die casting components and laser technologies
as per client's specifications.

- Supporting, addressing issues at client's site
and interacting with clients in deploying an
environmental friendly and cost effective
engineering solution.

- Ensuring proper safety measures are adhered
while installing sensitive systems such as airbags
as it is a crucial component of an automobile.
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