Vacuum Equipment is a device which is being
used in Die casting Machines to reduce the
porosity of casting parts significantly. This
Vacuum unit creates pressure differential
between the Die cavity and the molten metal in
the crucible. This pressure differential causes
the molten metal to flow up freely into the die
cavity, where it solidifies. By controlling the
vacuum, the pressure differential between the
die cavity and the molten metal can be varied
allowing for differential fill rates necessitated by
part design and gating requirements. This results
in tight control of the fill rate which also
directly influences the soundness of the casting.
Saryam Vacuum Equipment can be interfaced
directly with Shot controller of Die casting
Machine so that casting voids, shrinks, and gas
pockets can be greatly reduced or eliminated in
critical areas.

The main feature of Saryam Vacuum unit has equipped
with one of the leading brand HINDHIVAC pumps as back
bone in the systems.  These HHV pumps are double stage
oil sealed type which are available for variety of ranges in
Vacuum pumping applications. [45Cu.Mtr / Hr to 120 Cu.
Mtr/Hr.]. Since the system is having Double stage
vacuum, the pressure is achieved in the Vacuum
reservoir as well as Die cavity at high rate. With this
system, we can achieve the maximum vacuum pressure of
1 X 10-2 to 1 X 10-3 Milli Bar.
Specification and more Information
In addition to the features mentioned, this Vacuum
unit has equipped two nos. of PIRANI vacuum gauges
which continuously monitoring and controlling the
vacuum pressure in vessel and Die cavity  and help us
to make good Die casting components in this
competitive world.
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