Focused on Developing, Producing, and Marketing
Products that are Eco-Friendly.

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Say hello to exciting new Automation solutions created by SARYAM. Explore the Centralised Vacuum system - highly powerful cleaning equipment for any type of building. Discover your passion for technology with products like the Home Automation system. Be free from the stress from your day to day routines like overflowing of your Overhead tanks etc. with our extremely efficient Water Level Controllers. And so much more. Be in pace with the latest technologies.

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Meet MirrorX, a smart companion that keeps you up-to-date on the latest news, your calendar schedule, upcoming reminders, and so much more. It’s no longer just your reflection!

Who We Are?

Saryam an automation company, established in the year 2004, providing high-end engineering solutions to automotive industry with focus on Industrial and Building Automation Systems.
Business model at saryam is focused on developing, producing, and marketing products that are eco-friendly.
Saryam takes extra caution in terms of environmental standards for products. Core Ideology is to deliver impeccable engineering services to customers through technological innovations

Our Promises

To deliver impeccable automation products and services to customer in line with the latest technological innovations, to honor our commitment to customers, to offer support post installation of products, enhance the comfort for a hassle-free and fine living of customers and with focus on eco-friendly products.

Why Saryam?

Our passion for technology...!

We at Saryam have carefully crafted all our products to ensure the best in quality and to cater to the whims and needs of all our customers. Our deep-rooted passion for technology brings in a blend of high-end performance and stunning appearance all at once. Our robust and durable products come loaded with a ton of features like never before and are linked together to form a single ecosystem.


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