What Is Level controller?

  • Tired ofconstantly climbing up to check your overhead water tank? Well, why not do it from the comfort of your couch? With realtime monitoring, for getting to switch off the motor is a thing of past! 
  • A Level Controller monitors the level of any liquid (Ex. Water, Diesel) in a tank and controls the switching ON/OFF of the Motor to pump in liquid to the tank based on the level automatically. The WLC can monitor and control many no. tanks simultaneously. It also monitors various other parameters like liquid consumption, the energy consumption of the motor, etc. The SPADE mobile App enables the user to view the level of the tank, change the settings of the parameters through Smart Phones
  • The Level Controller is also used to monitor and control the level of solids like Food Grains in Food processing Industries, Pharmaceutical Powders in Pharma Industries, etc.

How it works?

  • State of the art technology built with non contact type ultrasound sensors for data collection.
  • Microcontroller enables fast and real time data processing and control.
  • Ensures automatic switch off of motor and automatic liquid supply to destination Tank from source tank.
  • IoT enabled system which helps you monitor from your Smartphone.

Real time monitoring

  • With the SPADE App, all the data pertaining to the Level Controller can be viewed and monitored in mobile / Tab. Data such as the dimensions of the tank ie. Height, Length & Breadth, Volume / capacity of tank, the actual level of the tank, ON/OFF status of the motors / actuators can be monitored. It also enables the user to change the minimum / maximum level settings of the tank.

Water Level Controller

WLC Solo

  • Controls OHT level.
  • Fills OHT from borewell.


WLC Twin

  • Controls OHT level. Fills OHT from sump.
  • Checks sump level before pumping water.


WLC Twin Max

  • Controls OHT level.
  • Fills OHT from sump.
  • Checks sump level and controls the inlet to the sump.


WLC Custom Model

  • Controls the level of multiple number of destination tanks and source tanks.
  • System design as per customer requirements.

WLC Custom Model

Diesel Level Controller

Diesel Level Controller - Solo

  • Controls the destination tank level.
  • Fills from the source tank.

Diesel Level Controller - Solo

Diesel Level Controller - Twin

  • Controls the destination tank level.
  • Checks the source tank level and controls the input to the source tank.

Diesel Level Controller - Twin